We Take Citizen Experience Personally

Give citizens what they want - information in the palm of their hand that's relevant, actionable, and personalized to them.

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We listened to public works staff, neighbors, co-workers, and experts and then designed SaaS solutions that deliver personalized Citizen Experience and also help DPWs to innovate and improve faster.

A Citizen Experience Toolset you can leverage right away

Our Public Works Citizen Experience solutions connect a citizen-facing mobile application
with tools that support your Operations and Communications Teams.


Citizen Experience

"No need to move your car. No Street Sweeping today!" Put citizens in control and their profiles give you the power to tailor communications to a block, a service area, or even a specific individual.

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Powered-Up Process

Streamline processes that span across systems and groups by exposing actionable information, adding real-time communications, and transitioning "in between" paper processes to digital processes.

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Smart Tools

We've built in tools that make it easier for your team to verify and maintain the completeness and accurcy of GIS, schedule, status and other data that drives citizen experience and operations.

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Latest news, tips and best practices.

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Come see us at booth 19 at the Smart Cities Week DC Conference October 1-2, 2019. It's a great place to meet Smart City innovators!

DC DPW Putting Citizens First


The DC Department of Public Works is using Polka Dot Sky Software's MyDPW to deliver personalized service information, reminders, and alerts to DC residents.