Unified Alerts

Finally, an alert solution that unifies citizen and operations alerts into a single, user-friendly implementation. Our SaaS alerting can stand alone or integrate with your existing systems, with just a single profile for citizens and staff to personlize.


About Unified Alerts

You can't act on what you don't know about. That's why targeted, actionable alerts are so powerful. They inform citizens about changes and events, enable and streamline operational processes, and deliver status updates and information digests to managers and decision makers. However you use them, you'll have access to our powerful toolset from wherever you are.

User Friendly

In minutes, citizens and staff personalize a user profile. We collect a bit of information about what content is relevant to them, let them choose how they want to receive alerts, and they're done!

Robust Matching

Our robust matching algorithms give you the power to target communications by location, service area/route or block, vehicle tag, and more. So each user receives only alerts that are relevant to them.

Smart, Flexible Triggers

You get scheduled, on-demand, and event-triggered alerting all in one place. Configure business rules to handle Holidays and other events, and your exception rules are automatically applied.

Multi-Channel Delivery

Citizens and staff get actionable information tailored to them via mobile alert, SMS, email or phone. You can also automatically post to your Social Media accounts.

Integration Ready

Our Robust APIs make it quick and easy to integrate your existing systems with Unified Alerts. User them to trigger targeted alerts, to add data to your dashboards, and more.

Easy Maintenance

Your team can securely author on-demand alerts, edit alert content, manage operations and admin users, and monitor activity from anywhere. We take care of everything else!

MyDPW: Personalized Citizen Experience Just Became a Quick Win

Polka Dot Sky Software's MyDPW SaaS Solution makes it possible for Public Works organizations to implement complex Citizen Experience solutions in as little as a few weeks with just a few days effort from your team.


MyDPW: Uniting Data using GIS

We capitalize on the chance to add geo-tagging when digitizing data. Geo-location data can give you insights into problem areas, trends, and opportunities for improvement.
We focus on making connections that produce actionable information. Combining data across multiple systems and data sets gives you a real-time view of process and deliery status that can't be acheived in just one system.
We give you the power to make information actionable and personal, conflating data across multiple GIS data sets and returning a unified, easy-to-read view for citizens and staff.

The MyDPW Experience

While every city is structured differently, Departments of Public Works across the country manage and support a wide range of citical services that citizens need on a daily basis. They keep our cities clean and beautiful, enforce waste disposal and parking regulations, deliver clean water and electricity to where we live, work and play, and provide a variety of seasonal services. Now they can keep citizens informed about the service schedules, guidelines, and available support that's relevant to each of them, while also delivering personalized reminders and alerts when holidays or events occur from one place.

User Friendly

In minutes, citizens download the mobile app and setup a user profile. We collect a bit of information about what content is relevant to them, let them choose how they want to receive alerts, and they're done!

Personalized, Unified Schedules

In one glance, citizens can see a schedule of services personalized to locations they care about, like home and work. Click a service to get more info, or setup reminders so you don't forget to move you car and avoid a ticket.

Unified Alerts

Our Unified Alerts solution is fully integrated into MyDPW, delivering opt-in alerts and reminders through your branded mobile app and giving you powerful tools to target message delivery.

Turn Key

Quick-Configure Campaigns get you up and running fast. Add-on features, like Service Interruption Management, let you turn on powerful tools that work with everything else when you're ready.

Integration Ready

Our Robust APIs make it quick and easy to integrate with existing systems. Use them to push data to MyDPW and Unified Alerts or to pull data for dashboards, analysis and more.

A Growing Solutions Library

We're continuously improving and adding to our library of Citizen Experience campaigns, so you can partner with us to innovate new solutions and benefit from work we do on our own and with other partners at the same time.


Increase visibility across systems and teams with Crewgistics. Crewgistics Equipment Tracking streamlines equipment room check out / check in, eliminating paper and making real-time equipment status visible from anywhere. Use built-in Shift Management to plan for the resources you'll need to get the work done, avoid common scheduling errors, and make sure the equipment you need will be available. You can even deliver work schedules to your staff electronically.